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J&T BANKA Offers 3-Year Bonds of J&T Finance Group

30. November 2011

J&T Banka has launched the subscription of its historically first issue of the bonds of J&T Finance Group (hereinafter the J&T Group). The public bond issue in the total offered value of CZK 3 billion bears the coupon rate of 6.4% p.a. From Wednesday, November 30, the bonds are listed at the Prague Stock Exchange.
“With this bond issue, guaranteed by our parent company, we bring the world of private equity closer to a wider range of investors. We are happy that in this period of volatile markets, we can offer our clients another fixed-yield investment,” says Daniel Drahotský, Financial Markets Section Director with J&T Banka.

“The net proceeds from the bond issue will be used to finance our future acquisitions and the expansion of the J&T Group’s activities in specialized financing, and also to refinance our current interest-bearing sources of financing,” says Miloš Badida, Financial Director of the J&T Group, and adds: “Following this CZK issue, we also plan to offer an analogous issue in EUR for our Slovak and other foreign investors.”

J&T Finance Group has issued the bonds by means of its Dutch subsidiary J&T Global Finance I, B.V. The bonds in the nominal value of CZK 3 million mature on November 30, 2014. The interest of 6.4% p.a. will be paid out by means of J&T Banka semi-annually, always at the end of May and November. The bond issue manager, administrator and listing agent is J&T Banka, with the arranger being its subsidiary firm of J&T IB and Capital Markets. Based on its statement of guarantee, J&T Finance Group guarantees that the bonds will be repaid in full.

Issue Parameters

 Issuer J&T Global Finance I, B.V.
 Guarantee Statement of Guarantee of J&T FINANCE GROUP, a.s
 Volume 3 000 000 000 CZK
 Coupon 6.40% p.a. paid semi-annually as of May 30 and November 30
 Issue date November 30, 2011
 Maturity date November 30, 2014
 Listing Free market of the Prague Stock Exchange

Bond Parameters

   JTFG I 6,4/14
 Nominal value  3 000 000 CZK
 Issue rate  100 %
 Issue period  Within 6 months of the Issue Date
 Call option  Issuer’s call option from May 30, 2013
 Form  ZaknBook-entry bearer bonds issued under the Czech law
 ISIN  CZ0000000252

The prospect is available for all potential investors at the websites of and