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J&T Banka recognised with the Private bank of the year 2011 award

10. November 2011

J&T Banka, one of the most significant private banks in the Czech market, took the first place in the Private bank category of the prestigious Fincentrum Banka of the year 2011 competition.

Fincentrum Bank of the year 2011 competition aims at recognising the services and products of banks operating in the Czech Republic. The Private bank of the year category has been announced by the portal for the first time this year.  

“Thanks to our demanding clients.
Thanks to our above-average returns.
Thanks to Helena for giving her umbrella to a client.
Thanks to Eva for obtaining tickets to the Oscar for a client.
Thanks to Alena, who is willing to work during weekends.
Thanks to Michal for helping to a client with equities.
Thanks to Juraj for explaining us what’s happening with the euro.
Thanks to Vlasta for making the new ideas work.
Thanks to Patrik for finding a new opportunity every week.
Thanks to Baroness for teaching us how things were being done before the war.
Thanks to Jozef for reminding us our beginnings.
Thanks to Filip for not forgetting to thank.
And thanks to you for choosing us the Private bank of the year.”

Summarizes Štěpán Ašer, General Manager of the J&T Banka.

13 banking institutions competed in the Private bank category. These banks operate in the Czech Republic, are eligible to provide banking services in the Czech Republic and provide publicly private banking services for Czech private clients. The winner has been selected by the representatives of the 300 richest Czech and Slovak citizens. Apart from the nominated banks, it was possible to vote for other banking institutions if they provide the private banking services, despite they had not been listed in the basic nominated group.