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J&T HIGH YIELD MONEY MARKET, a Qualified Investor Fund, Records Success

10. October 2011

J&T ASSET MANAGEMENT has reached its goal with its J&T HIGH YIELD MONEY MARKET CZK fund. Launched exactly a year ago, the fund has recently reached the statutory limit of 100 unit holders. In view of this investment success and high demand, a second qualified investor fund with the same investment strategy is now being introduced under the name J&T HIGH YIELD MONEY MARKET CZK II.

Both J&T HIGH YIELD MONEY MARKET CZK funds focus primarily on short-term corporate notes and other debt securities with maximum 12 months of residual maturity. The minimum entry investment is CZK 1 million.

“We are very pleased with the great demand for the recently launched qualified investor funds. It is clear that our clients still look for ways how to better capitalize on their funds, and we are here to offer them an option. The J&T funds show high yields in the long run, as evidenced by the annual yield of the fund at 4.8% as well as by the fact that in such a short period of time we have reached the statutory limit of 100 unit holders. As a result, we have had to stop offering the fund to our clients. Nevertheless, we believe that the newly launched J&T HIGH YIELD MONEY MARKET CZK II fund will be equally successful,” says Miloslav Zábojník, Director of J&T ASSET MANAGEMENT.

Investors may invest in J&T’s funds in the Czech Republic by means of J&T Banka but also through ATLANTIK finanční trhy since the beginning of September 2011.