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Tomáš Martinec to Found Metatron Capital, New Qualified Investors’ Funds, and to Leave the Board of Directors of J&T Finance Group

29. June 2011

The Czech and Slovak markets will soon welcome a new boutique asset management firm – Metatron Capital. Established by Tomáš Martinec, the project will present its own funds designed for qualified investors. After founding his new company, the long-term manager of the J&T Group resigned as member of the Board of Directors of J&T Finance Group.
“I have focused on the capital markets since my university studies. After being responsible for this area for over 10 years with J&T, I have decided to take this step to become independent, which I have been considering and preparing for a long time. I’m going to continue to cooperate with J&T but establishing my own fund is a major milestone in my life,” commented Tomáš Martinec, who terminated his membership in the Board of Directors of J&T Finance Group as of June 13, 2011.

Metatron’s investment strategy is based on the idea that there is always a growing market somewhere in the world. The fund will look for investment opportunities using a top-down fundamental approach and strictly manage risks and, thus, also the fund’s volatility. The fund managers therefore want to focus on a combination of long-term investment themes and short-term market fluctuations. “Metatron believes that the markets show a crowd behavior and, therefore, they are inefficient. For this reason, we will look for situations when the consensus changes significantly, which creates extraordinary opportunities. Currently, we are at a breakpoint of the global economic cycle and we have been patiently waiting for signals of a change for the better or worse,” Tomáš Martinec, Executive Director and Chief Portfolio Manager.

“Tomáš is definitely one of the absolutely best specialists in investing on capital markets in the Czech and Slovak market. His future activities and our mutual agreement on his becoming independent will surely bring some new investment ideas for J&T too. Based on our joint agreements, Metatron will also manage a portion of the funds of J&T and our important clients. Our mutual cooperation will be quite intensive even in terms of distribution. J&T invests primarily in the local markets. These funds enable us to offer our clients in all the markets where we are present a chance of quality global investments,” added Patrik Tkáč, a co-founder of J&T.

Metatron Capital SICAV plc. has been founded under the jurisdiction of Malta as a variable capital company, licensed to render services to professional investors ; it gives asset managers a greater flexibility in implementing investment instruments including derivatives. Tomáš Martinec holds a 75% ownership interest in Metatron Capital, the remaining 25% is held by Juraj Podracký, a former macroeconomic analyst and market strategy specialist with J&T Banka. The first investors have already invested in the project and the initial capital is planned to exceed EUR 20 million.
The company will manage three funds – Metatron Global Macro Fund, Metatron Trading New Concepts Fund and Metatron Discretionary FX Fund. All of them are meant for sophisticated professional investors, both individuals and legal entities.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Tomáš Martinec 
Metatron Capital     

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