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1. October 2009

BRATISLAVA – ANDREJ ZATKO was appointed the proxy of J&T BANKA Bratislava by the Board of Directors and shareholders of J&T BANKA. The grant of a proxy is the first step on the road to his appointment as a member of the Board of Directors of J&T BANKA.

“This step not only reflects the actual position of Andrej Zatko in relation to the business of J&T BANKA and private banking as a whole, but it particularly confirms the position of the developing Slovak branch of J&T BANKA which, managed by the director Monika Cereova, delivers the same quality and importance as the Czech section of J&T BANKA,” said Patrik Tkac, chairman of the Board of Directors of J&T BANKA.

Andrej Zatko was the head of J&T Private Banking in Slovakia for a long time and currently he is a member of the Board of Directors of J&T BANK Zurich.

The volume of the bank’s transactions in Slovakia as well as its development plans require a gradual development of the management of the Slovak section so as to be able to decentralize, from the Board of Directors to the Slovak management, as many decision-making processes as possible to keep the most important thing which distinguishes us from our competitors, the flexibility,” explains P. Tkac.

In the upcoming period, J&T BANKA Bratislava will focus on the formation of an independent management of the Slovak section of J&T BANKA that will have significant powers in relation to the control of all the processes of the bank in Slovakia, while reporting directly to the Board of Directors of J&T BANKA. The first and obvious members of such a management will include Monika Cereova and Andrej Zatko.

The second important step will be the formation of the so-called wider management of the branch, and we assume that such a management will include, in addition to Andrej Zatko and Monika Cereova, senior private bankers who have been responsible for the individual independent business activities as early as at present. The objectives of the formation of such a management include, in addition to procedural reasons, an effort to define clearly the group of managers primarily responsible and liable for business development of J&T BANKA in the Slovak Republic. A similar process of the formation of the so-called “business management” should be carried out also in the Czech Republic.

Currently, preparatory steps have been taken for the appointment of Monika Cereova and Andrej Zatko as members of the Board of Directors of J&T BANKA, thus making the changes in the top management of the bank complete for the time being.

J&T BANKA, a.s. is a member of J&T Group. It focuses on the provision of private and investment banking services. The first account was opened on 6 March 2006. As of 30/06/2009 it generated profit before tax of EUR 9 mil. Total assets, free liquidity, and capital adequacy exceeded EUR 742 mil, EUR 300 mil and 11.4%, respectively. In addition to J&T BANK Prague and J&T BANKA Bratislava, the group members include J&T BANK Moscow, J&T Bank Switzerland, and from 2008 also J&T BANK & TRUST Barbados. For more information see

author: Maroš Sýkora