Social Responsibility

J&T Finance Group endorses social responsibility, which it considers to be an important part of company culture.

J&T Philanthropy

In the field of philanthropy, J&T Finance Group focuses on protecting vulnerable children and helping the socially disadvantaged and the disabled, sponsoring sport and culture as well as supporting its employees.

J&T Endowment Fund and J&T Foundation

J&T shares its decisions, investments and successes with its clients. It also shares the misfortunes and problems suffered by the disabled, socially disadvantaged families and families that have decided to devote their life to foster care.

For this reason, we decided to establish the J&T; Endowment Fund and J&T; Foundation, which concentrate funds which are provided to individuals, legal entities and non-profit organisations with projects related to the mission and objectives of the endowment fund.

J&T Sportteam

The group actively supports youth and promising athletes in less commercially attractive sports, such as swimming and the triathlon.

Thanks to this support, the talent of these athletes is actively developed and the conditions created to help them prepare for sporting events on the national and international level. The reward is then the considerable successes enjoyed by J Sportteam members.

Health days

At J&T Group, we are all fully aware that health is the most valuable assets that a person has.

The group always takes care to provide the proper information and care. Employees are offered regular health days, which provide them with lots of useful tips and advice and the chance to consult experts from various fields of medicine.