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We are J&T FINANCE GROUP SE, a European joint-stock company operating predominantly in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide comprehensive services relating to private and retail banking, asset management for private clients and institutions, investment banking, and project finance.

Welcome to J&T world

Since 1994, we have participated in formulation and development of the financial markets and business in the Czech and Slovak republics. Our entities include banks, investment companies and funds. We work in specialized financing and capital markets while offering additional services in the areas of human resources, controlling, tax consulting, and accounting.


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J&T Investiční společnost


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J&T FINANCE GROUP SE in numbers as of 2023

Total Assets

€17,019 million


€2,273 million


€278.7 million

Capital Adequacy

19.97 %

Key People and Shareholders

The Group’s Board of Directors

Ing. Jozef Tkáč
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ing. Ivan Jakabovič
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ing. Patrik Tkáč
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ing. Dušan Palcr
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ing. Igor Kováč
Member of the Board of Directors
Štěpán Ašer, MBA
Member of the Board of Directors


Jozef Tkáč
Ivan Jakabovič
Štěpán Ašer
Igor Kováč


Jozef Tkáč


Ivan Jakabovič


Rainbow Wisdom


Štěpán Ašer


Igor Kováč

Our Story

  1. We founded J&T Banka

    We established the first J&T company in Slovakia.

  2. J&T Securities

    Foundation of J&T Securities, a securities broker.

  3. J&T BANKA, a.s.

    We entered the Czech banking market. By acquisition of Podnikatelská banka, J&T BANKA, a.s. was created.


    We founded the investment company J&T Asset Management in the Czech Republic.

  5. J&T BANKA, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky

    We opened a J&T Banka branch in Slovakia.

  6. J&T SERVICES ČR, a.s.

    We began providing corporate outsourcing services and consulting through J&T Services.

  7. Atlantik finanční trhy

    We took over the Atlantik finanční trhy financial group.

  8. J&T IB Capital Markets a.s.

    A new member of the J&T IB and Capital Markets group, the company focuses on debt capital markets, equity capital markets, and corporate finance transactions.

  9. Poštová banka (now 365.bank)

    We acquired a majority share in Slovakia’s Poštová banka.


    We separated the banking and nonbanking activities of J&T group. J&T PRIVATE EQUITY GROUP and bank holding J&T FINANCE GROUP SE were created.

  11. J&T banka d.d.

    We entered the Croatian market, buying VABA banka d.d. Varaždin and creating J&T banka d.d.

  12. J&T Leasingová společnost, a.s.

    Establishment of J&T Leasing, a company focused on financing in the areas of information and communication technologies, medical and veterinary care.

  13. J&T Wine Holding SE

    The group expands to include J&T Wine Holding SE, a European company focused on investments in wine assets and the wine trade.

  14. J&T Mezzanine, a.s.

    A new subsidiary aims to strengthen our portfolio in mezzanine and capital financing.

  15. New shareholder

    We welcome to the bank holding minority shareholder Rainbow Wisdom, a company from the CITIC Group.

  16. 365.bank

    365.bank was founded as the first fully digital bank in Slovakia.

  17. New headquarters

    We relocated the entire group to the Rustonka complex in Karlín, Prague.

  18. J&T Arch Investments

    Establishment of a fund for qualified investors. In 2021, J&T Arch Investments’ shares began trading on the Prague Stock Exchange and managed assets exceeding CZK 4 million.

  19. Stake in Amista investment company

    We increased our ownership from 10% to 80% in the investment company Amista, which is one of the largest Czech managers and administrators of funds for qualified investors.

  20. International investment rating

    We obtained an international investment rating Baa2 with stable outlook from Moody’s. This step brings the Bank into the ranks of the few elite companies in the Czech and Slovak republics to have investment ratings.

We Support

We Help Ideas Grow

The J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS fund has grown out of our long-term investment philosophy. It is founded on the partnerships and trust that we have been able to build through more than 25 years. It opens opportunity to invest alongside Czech and Slovak business leaders in their personal and exceptional projects.

Through the funds J&T Ventures I and II, we create new partnerships and invest in promising technology companies in the Central and Southeastern Europe and Baltic region. We cooperate with the Idea of the Year competition and thus are close to the regional startup scene.