• 21. 12. J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS grew the assets of its investors by 12.17% over the preceding 12 months
  • 3. 12. Patrik Tkáč, co-founder of J&T FINANCE GROUP SE, continues to consolidate his assets into the J&T Capital Partners holding
  • 19. 8. J&T INVESTMENTS completes investment into J&T CAPITAL PARTNERS holding and thus obtains indirect exposure to joint projects of the Tkáč & Křetínský investment duo.
  • 13. 7. After its first year in operation, J&T INVESTMENTS has grown its investors’ assets by 10.18%
  • 13. 7. Patrik Tkáč, Co-Founder of J&T FINANCE GROUP SE, Consolidates Joint Investments with Daniel Křetínský into J&T Capital Partners

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