J&T BANKA Offering Euro Bonds of J&T Finance Group

J&T Banka is launching another investment opportunity in the form of J&T Finance Group’s euro bonds. The public bond issue offered in a total value of EUR 100 million will have a coupon rate of 6.4 % p.a. The 3Y bonds will be traded at the Bratislava Stock Exchange with a bond face value of EUR 100,000, and investors may begin to order the bonds as of today.

“Due to the great demand from investors we experienced with the CZK bond issue of our parent company, we are now offering a euro bond issue aimed primarily at Slovak and other foreign investors included regulated financial institutions,” says Andrej Zaťko, Private Banking Director with J&T Banka.

“The net proceeds from the bond issue will be used for our new acquisitions, J&T Group’s business development in specialized financing, and also to refinance our existing interest-bearing sources of financing,” says Miloš Badida, J&T Group’s Chief Financial Officer.

J&T Finance Group issues the bonds by means of its Dutch-based subsidiary of J&T Global Finance II, B.V. The bonds with a nominal value of EUR 100,000 mature on February 6, 2015. The coupons with a yield of 6.4% p.a. will be paid out by means of J&T Bank semiannually, always in February and August. The subscription period is 6 month but it may be shortened if the entire bond issue is fully subscribed earlier. The manager, administrator and listing agent of the bond issue is J&T Banka, with the issue arranged by its subsidiary, J&T IB and Capital Markets. By means of a statement of guarantee, J&T Finance Group guarantees that the bonds will be redeemed in full.