J&T BANKA Offers 5-Year Eurobonds of Pan-European Lottery Group SAZKA Group

Beginning today, J&T Banka is offering 5-year Eurobonds of SAZKA Group a.s., one of the biggest lottery groups on the European continent. The securities, which bear 4% annual interested paid out quarterly, have a nominal value of one thousand euros and will be offered at a volume of 200 million euros. SAZKA Group, as the guarantor, is issuing the bonds through its 100% subsidiary SAZKA Group Financing a.s.

Petr Stöhr, CFO of SAZKA Group says: “The Group has experience phenomenal growth in the last three years and has become one of the most important players on the European lottery and gaming market. In the last six months of this year, SAZKA Group has generated EBITDA of 151 million euros and net profit in excess of 91 million euros. The issued bonds will support our further development, both in the form of organic growth of existing assets and in the form of strategic, geographic expansion.”

The interest on the new bonds due in December 2022 will be paid out quarterly, always on the 12th of March, June, September and December. The bonds will be traded on the Bratislava stock exchange, and investors can acquire them through J&T Banka in the Czech and Slovak Republics. “The lottery business is based on the laws of statistics. It is stable over time and dependent only minimally on fluctuations in the economy, thus making it plannable to a relatively highly degree of precision. Moreover, the subsidiaries of SAZKA Group have a dominant position on all their local markets. All these are factors that make the offered bonds at 4% interest a very attractive investment opportunity,” says Daniel Drahotský, Director of the Financial Markets Division of J&T Banka.

The issue was arranged by J&T IB & Capital Markets. Legal advice was provided by PRK Partners. The bond issue is named SG 4,00/2022 (ISIN SK4120013475).