J&T BANKA Reduces Rates on Clear Deal Deposits Beginning 1 March 2013

In light of long-term interest rate developments, J&T BANKA, as one of the last on the market to do so, is reducing interest rates on Clear Deal term deposits effective 1 March 2013. At the same time, the rates pertaining to one-year term deposits held by natural persons (individuals) are being unified to one rate for all deposits. Naturally, the change does not apply to deposits that have already been set up.

Newly set up Clear Deal term deposits will provide returns of 3.0% per year on one-year deposits; two-year deposits will bear interest at 3.4% p.a. and five-year deposits at 3.6% p. a. Despite the new rates, Clear Deal still remains a bank term deposit with one of best interest yields on the market and thus continues to be an excellent choice for increasing the value of your money.

Changes are also being made to Clear Deal deposits with a three-month notice period. This product is suitable for depositing disposable funds that you need to have available quickly without having them lying idle on a current account. At this time, this deposit bears interest at 2.7% p.a.; as of 1 May 2013, however, the interest rate will be 2.6 % p.a.

With regard to maximum openness and transparency to its clients, J&T BANKA is notifying its clients about changes to the price list already one-month in advance, so that they have time to prepare for the changes.

Length of depositInterest rate valid until 28. 2. 2013Interest rate valid from 1. 3. 2013
1 year

3.1 % p.a. up to CZK 1 mil

3.3 % p.a. from CZK 1 mil

 3.0 % p.a. on all deposits
2 years 3.5 % p.a. 3.4 % p.a.
5 years 3.7 % p.a. 3.6 % p.a