J&T opened new mixed funds: J&T Bond CZK and J&T Bond EUR

J&T INVESTIČNÍ SPOLEČNOST, a.s. newly offers mixed, bond-oriented mutual funds: J&T BOND CZK and J&T BOND EUR. The funds’ portfolios include primarily debt securities including bonds allowing early redemption, convertible bonds, and money-market instruments. In addition, the funds may also hold equities and use other investment opportunities.

“We manage the fund for those investors who want to participate in the yields of the J&T group’s investment ideas, invest in the long run, and who are willing to tolerate and financially bear even short-term asset value fluctuations. The debts and other investment instruments that will be acquired by the funds will be of the kind that the J&T group itself buys or is willing to buy,” says Miloslav Zábojník, Director of J&T INVESTIČNÍ SPOLEČNOST.

The funds invest in bonds and their selection is not limited to the issuer’s category, maturity, or any external indicators of creditworthiness (ratings). Investments are chosen based on J&T’s thorough and comprehensive internal analysis. The funds’ portfolios focus on investments in fixed-yield investment instruments, mainly debt securities, but other financial instruments of the Czech and foreign financial markets may also be used, including instruments with a higher risk for investors. The initial fund portfolio includes the corporate bonds of ABS JETS, Home Credit and Finance Bank, Istrokapitál, JOJ Media Holding, JTFG, and Nomos Bank. The funds bear a higher risk due to a potentially high concentration of specific asset types, yet at the same time they also offer significantly higher potential yields than ordinary bond funds.

“By means of the new funds we allow our clients to access easily and in a diversified manner various investment opportunities, for which they would otherwise need even millions of crowns per investment,” says Martin Kujal, Portfolio Manager of the funds.

The investment horizon is 3 years, with the minimum investment in  J&T BOND CZK being CZK 300 and EUR 20 in J&T BOND EUR. Investments in the new funds can be made in the Czech Republic not only by means of the investment company and J&T BANKA, but also through  ATLANTIK Finanční trhy.