Anna Macaláková becomes J&T Bank director

Anna Macaláková is Slovak J&T branch director since 12th August 2015, who had worked as a procurator and chairperson of Komfort and Magnus client segments. In her new position she replaced Andrej Zaťko, who has accepted a new professional challenge in becoming Post Bank Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Since this date, there have also been other personnel changes.

Leading a private bank, in today’s online world, is a big challenge, which will be an important role in its future development, too. I am taking-over J&T Bank in an excellent state from the financial results point of view, number of clients, as well as volume of administered assets – all this thanks to the previous management. In the future, my priority will be to provide services oriented at client needs. As a bank we will continue to focus on investments, which in the autumn will widen into new opportunities,’ observes Anna Macaláková, J&T Bank Director.

The bank’s new procurators are now Jozef Šimovčík, director of the Operation Division, and Miloslav Čomaj, former sales director for the Corporate Clients segment, who will also become a director of private banking. In this position he will replace Katarína Sásiková.

Andrej Zaťko worked at J&T Bank since its establishment. He set up its long-term strategy, and built up a strong position as an expert in property investment and administration for private clientele and higher mid-management. In the last 2.5 years under his leadership the bank doubled its volume of administered clients’ assets to almost EUR 2 billion, and J&T Banka became one of the most dynamically-growing banks in the Slovak market. 

New J&T Bank management  

Ing. Anna Macaláková
Director of J&T Bank and Komfort and Magnus client segments

Studied at the Faculty of National Economy of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Banking and Investments. She joined J&T in 2006 and has worked in numerous managerial positions. She was behind building up the largest client segment Komfort, which since 2009 she has managed with the Magnus loyalty club. She established and was responsible for the client call centre, and since 2012 has been the bank’s procurator.

Ing. Miloslav Čomaj
Director of Private Banking and Procurator

Studied at the Faculty of National Economy of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Banking and Finance. He has worked at J&T Bank since its establishment in 2006. He started as a senior private banker, subsequently becoming a member of the supervisory board. For almost four years he led the corporate client segment within private banking. 

Ing. Jozef Šimovčík
Operation Division Director and Procurator

Studied at the Faculty of Economic Informatics at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Accounting and Audit. He joined J&T in 2010 as a private banking director deputy. He worked as a member of a supervisory board, created and reorganized the back office, and subsequently became the operational division director.