J&T Finance Group and CEFC Join Together to Invest in J&T Wine Holding

J&T Wine Holding, a new member in the ever-growing J&T family, is focused on investing in wine and viticulture.

J&T Finance Group and the Chinese investment company CEFC plan to invest close to EUR 200 million in important wine-growing regions the world over and on the domestic market. They will not only invest in grapevines and vineyards, but also in wine processing, distribution and, last but not least, trade. In the future, the holding will also offer investment opportunities to J&T Finance Group clients, thereby fittingly supplementing the portfolio of investment opportunities offered by the group. The wine producer Kolby, which owns 37 hectares of vineyards, is the first of many such planned investments. With regard to the cooperation between J&T Finance Group and CEFC, expansion to the Eastern markets is expected, with investment not only in the wine trade, but also in wine-producing enterprises.