Patrik Tkáč, co-founder of J&T FINANCE GROUP SE, continues to consolidate his assets into the J&T Capital Partners holding

The J&T Capital Partners holding, which was established in the middle of the year by Patrik Tkáč, and into which he intends to consolidate his ownership stakes in joint business projects with Daniel Křetínský, is expanding to include additional ownership interests.

In addition to the previously acquired 44% stake in Energetický a průmyslový holding, J&T Capital Partners has now invested in EC Investments,1 which co-owns stakes in companies operating in the e-commerce sector, such as the online comparison shopping site Heureka and the online food retailer Koší EC Investments presently continues to own also a minority stake in the Mall Group, which is the subject of a recently signed selling transaction with the leading Polish e-commerce company Allegro.

A second recent investment was in SUPRATUC 2020,2 a joint venture with the leading Spanish retail group Eroski. SUPRATUC 2020 is the number-one food retailer in the Balearic Islands and one of the four largest chains in Catalonia. It operates a network of more than 480 stores in the two regions under the Eroski and Caprabo brands.

Last but not least, the J&T Capital Partners portfolio was also expanded by an investment in shares of traditional football clubs.3 In addition to Sparta Praha, this includes a minority stake in the English football club West Ham United.

Qualified investors of the J&T Arch Investments fund can also participate indirectly in economic benefits of the J&T Capital Partners holding.

*Detailed overview of recent acquisitions:

  1. The investment was made through acquisition of a 44% stake in EC Investments a.s, which, among other things, owns a 40% stake in the e-commerce group Mall Group, the online comparison shopping site Heureka, and Fast ČR, a retail and wholesale seller of consumer electronics and home appliances.
  2. The investment was made through acquisition of a 50% stake in EP HoldCo, a.s., which indirectly owns a 50% stake in SUPRATUC 2020.
  3. Football clubs were incorporated into the holding through acquisition of a 44% stake in 1890s holdings a.s., which owns a 99.9% share in the AC Sparta Praha football club, and which at the beginning of November 2021 acquired a minority (26.98%) stake in the English West Ham United football club. The transaction documentation has been signed, but part of that settlement is subject to approval of the antitrust authorities.