Patrik Tkáč, Co-Founder of J&T FINANCE GROUP SE, Consolidates Joint Investments with Daniel Křetínský into J&T Capital Partners

In connection with his return to the shareholding structure of Energetický a průmyslový holdingu (EPH) and with regard to the ever-expanding portfolio of investment activities with Daniel Křetínský, Patrik Tkáč is consolidating his ownership interests in joint projects and is establishing the holding company J&T Capital Partners.

The objective of the new Czech holding company is to manage and develop all existing and future stakes in the business projects of the tandem Tkáč-Křetínský. The holding company has already purchased a 44% share in EPH, a company grouping together original investments in energy, and in the coming months will purchase other ownership interests that are currently under Patrik Tkáč’s control.

These ownership interests include the following:

  • 44% share in EP Equity Investment Sàrl (EPEI) – a company grouping investments in minority shares in listed companies (at this time, e.g., Royal Mail, Foot Locker, Sainsbury, PostNL, etc.)
  • 44% share in EP Global Commerce a.s. (EPGC) – umbrella company for investments into Metro AG
  • 44% share in EC Investments a.s. (ECI) – a company grouping together e-commerce investments
  • 40% share in CZECH MEDIA INVEST a.s. (CMI) – a company grouping together media investments

The holding company will also purchase a 44% share in the parent company of the AC Sparta Praha football club (ACS 1893 Holding a.s.).

Once the respective antimonopoly offices and the sellers’ creditors issue their standpoints, an indirect 25% share in the Spanish retail chains CECOSA Supermercados, S.L.U. and CAPRABO, S.A.U., which operate stores in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, will be included in the holding company.

J&T Capital Partners, or more precisely its 100% subsidiary J&T Energy Holding a.s., will assume all commitments from bonds and bills issued under J&T Energy Financing Limited. Their holders will thus continue to finance the 44% share in EPH purchased by Patrik Tkáč’s structure from Daniel Křetínský last December.

J&T Capital Partners is a company under the sole control of Patria Tkáč. However, J&T Private Equity Group Limited will contribute to it economically and through capital.

“My teaming up with Dan to combine our shareholdings in a joint portfolio under one structure will certainly not only provide greater clarity, but will also greatly simplify the financing of the development of existing projects as well as future investment opportunities,“ said Patrik Tkáč about the creation of the new holding company.