J&T INVESTMENTS completes investment into J&T CAPITAL PARTNERS holding and thus obtains indirect exposure to joint projects of the Tkáč & Křetínský investment duo.

The J&T INVESTMENTS fund for qualified investors has invested through the J&T ALLIANCE fund into the holding company J&T CAPITAL PARTNERS. The recently established holding, into which Patrik Tkáč plans to consolidate all his shareholdings in joint projects with Daniel Křetínský, presently already owns roughly 44% of Energetický a průmyslový holding.

“This decision will enable investors in J&T INVESTMENTS to participate in the strongest and most valuable partnership that we have successfully built over more than 25 years of doing business and whose reach already long ago stretched beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This constitutes a fundamental milestone for the group. In taking this step, J&T INVESTMENTS becomes the main fund that is investing and growing the assets of the J&T family and of our clients. It is our ambition to build it up into one of the largest funds in Europe,” comments Patrik Tkáč about the investment.

The fund has invested into the so-called “investor” class of investment shares of the J&T ALLIANCE special-purpose fund, whose configuration on the one hand limits the maximum attainable return at the level of 10% p.a. but on the hand provides the fund partial protection against losses. That protection is provided by the so-called “shareholders” class of investment shares, which are owned by J&T Group.  The ratio of investor-to-shareholders share classes currently protects J&T INVESTMENTS against a drop in the J&T ALLIANCE fund’s value by as much as 20%.

“Over the long term, the investment into J&T ALLIANCE should constitute a substantial part of the J&T INVESTMENTS portfolio. We believe that the structure we have been able to create provides an excellent foundation for a balanced portfolio with the aim of growing long-term family wealth,” explains Adam Tomis, Investment Director of J&T FINANCE GROUP SE and a member of the J&T INVESTMENTS Investment Committee.

As of 31 March 2021, the J&T INVESTMENTS fund owned assets in excess of CZK 4 billion. In addition to the just-completed investment into J&T CAPITAL PARTNERS, its portfolio comprises also investments into logistics properties in Pardubice and in Moravia, a minority stake in the online supermarket Rohlík.cz, and an investment into the Slovak retail chain Terno. The value of the investment shares as of 30 June 2021 will be available in the first half of September.


Established in the Czech Republic, the holding J&T CAPITAL PARTNERS, a.s. is 100% controlled by Patrik Tkáč. It plans to own and manage all of Patrik Tkáč’s existing and future shareholdings that are in commercial projects pursued jointly with Daniel Křetínský. The holding already has purchased a 44% stake in the company EPH, which brings together the original investments in the energy sector, and in coming months it plans to purchase additional ownership shares that are presently owned by Patrik Tkáč. Specifically, these are:

  • a 44% shareholding in the company EP Equity Investment Sàrl (EPEI) – a company bringing together investments into minority shares of quoted companies (currently, for example, Royal Mail, Foot Locker, Sainsbury, PostNL, and others),
  • a 44% shareholding in the company EP Global Commerce a.s. (EPGC) – a company encompassing an investment into Metro AG,
  • a 44% shareholding in the company EC Investments a.s. (ECI) – a company comprising investments in the e-commerce sector, and
  • a 40% shareholding in the company CZECH MEDIA INVEST a.s. (CMI) – a company consisting of investments in the media sector.

The holding further has purchased a 44% share in the parent company of the AC Sparta Praha football club (ACS 1893 Holding a.s.), and, after antitrust authorities and creditors of the sellers will issue positive findings, the holding will also include an indirect 25% shareholding in the Spanish retail chains CECOSA Supermercados, S.L.U. and CAPRABO, S.A.U.


Established in December 2019, the fund for qualified investors J&T INVESTMENTS SICAV, a.s. is the new flagship of J&T FINANCE GROUP SE in the investment fund sector. The fund is intended for investors who are interested to join in the successes of the J&T financial group and its partners.

The fund seeks investment opportunities especially in the area of assets that are not publicly traded and with the aim of creating a balanced portfolio serving to grow long-term family wealth. The fund’s manager is J&T INVESTIČNÍ SPOLEČNOST. To find more information about the fund, please go to www.jtis.cz or www.jtinvestments.cz.