J&T MS 1 SICAV, Prague based private equity fund has acquired 9,42 % of Venator materials, PLC (NYSE: VNTR) (“Venator”), ultimately becoming second biggest shareholder in Venator.

About J&T MS 1 SICAV

J&T MS 1 SICAV, a.s. is a private equity fund based in Czech Republic, established by investors:

  • MARTYBA Invest – Czech based investment vehicle owned by Michal Snobr, experienced investor in capital markets, energy sector expert and entrepreneur in hospitality, real estate, agriculture and sector of entertainment.
  • J&T Arch Investments - investment fund for qualified investors with AUM above 750 million €. Founded by J&T Finance Group SE, leading private banking and financial group in CEE, J&T Arch Investments aims to become one of the largest funds in Europe. Portfolio of the fund includes investments within the sectors of energy, retail, professional sport, e-commerce, real estate as well as private education.

About Venator

Venator Materials, PLC is a leading global chemical company with revenues of $ 2,2 bln dedicated to the development and manufacture of titanium dioxide pigments and performance additives. These are used in coatings, plastics, automotive industry, cosmetics and food to provide color, bring opacity and enhance product performance. Based in Wynyard, U.K., Venator operates 20 facilities globally and employs approximately 3,700 associates.