Further to the article entitled “Vítek’s CPI Group and J&T Banka Face Legal Action Over Almost 23 Billon Crowns; Orco Group Allegedly Robbed by American Fund Kingstown“ written by Petr Lukáč and Adam Váchal and published in the online newspaper, we feel it is necessary to issue this press statement:

To date, J&T Banka has not been contacted by any authorities or counterparties about any legal action against it. Instead, information about the legal action is being provided to the media.

The case of ORCO has already been investigated by the Luxembourg securities commission (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier – CSSF), which fact is mentioned in the article itself. J&T Banka actively cooperated during the investigation. The case was closed by the CSSF with the conclusion that it found no violation of legal regulations by J&T.

J&T Banka is not aware of any error on its part and refuses to be drawn into a matter that pertains to completely different subjects.