J&T BANKA Closes Third Quarter with a Balance Sheet Total Exceeding 156 Billion Czech Crowns

According to its consolidated results, J&T BANKA closed the third quarter with a balance sheet total of CZK 156.3 billion. Net earnings for the respective period amounted to CZK 1.52 billion.

The bank is one of the primary arrangers of issues on the domestic market, having placed 13 issues totalling CZK 21.4 billion on the market. This achievement has also been reflected in growing revenues from the preparation of bond issues (+58.4%), which, for the first time in the bank’s history, exceeded a billion Czech crowns in value (CZK 1.18 billion).

Deposits also grew, amounting to CZK 116.35 billion. With almost half of all deposits comprising long-term deposits with a maturity of one year or more (47%), the bank consistently shows that it has one of the most stable deposit bases in the market.

Since the beginning of the year, the bank has provided loans and guarantees exceeding CZK 28 billion. Its total consolidated lending portfolio stands at CZK 67 billion.

Total investment assets under management have grown year-on-year (+11.5%), amounting to almost CZK 138 billion at the end of September. Fund assets under management have also grew by almost CZK 3 billion since the beginning of the year to CZK 29 billion.

Equity at the end of September amounted to CZK 18.86 billion. Capital adequacy attained 15.69 %.