After its first year in operation, J&T INVESTMENTS has grown its investors’ assets by 10.18%

The J&T INVESTMENTS fund for qualified investors closed the second quarter of this year with assets totaling CZK 7.36 billion. Over the past 12 months, the equity value per investment share has increased by 10.18% in case of a Czech crown share and by 9.98% in the case of a euro share.

The fund, for which J&T’s founders have big plans and which they want to rank among the largest funds in Europe, already stands among the most liquid titles on the Prague Stock Exchange. Following the fund’s recent investment into the J&T CAPITAL PARTNERS holding structure, wherein Patrik Tkáč is planning to consolidate all his interests in common projects with Daniel Křetínský, the fund hasbeen renamed J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS.

“For me, an arch has the symbolic meaning of a long journey together, and not always an easy journey but nevertheless an interesting and successful one. It takes me back 20 years, to a time I spent unforgettable moments of my life at Darwin’s Arch. Now that the arch is gone forever, I realize that extraordinary things will remain extraordinary for one’s entire life. And such is the case also for our fund. It allows us to participate in strong and valuable partnerships we have built through more than 25 years in business. It is becoming the main fund for investing and growing the assets of the J&T family and our clients,” comments Patrik Tkáč regarding the investment.


Established in December 2019, the fund for qualified investors J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS SICAV, a.s. is the new flagship of J&T FINANCE GROUP SE in the area of funds investing. The Fund is intended for investors who are interested in building upon the successes of the J&T financial group and its partners.

Investment opportunities for the Fund are sought particularly in the area of assets that are not publicly traded and with the goal of creating a balanced portfolio for long-term growth of family wealth. J&T INVESTIČNÍ SPOLEČNOST is manager of the Fund. For more information about the Fund, visit or