CEFC Becomes 5% Shareholder of J&T FINANCE GROUP SE

Six months after the Strategic Cooperation Agreement was signed, the new amount of the registered capital and the new shareholder structure of J&T Finance Group SE were officially entered in the Commercial Register. CEFC Shanghai International Group Limited, a private Chinese company that is a part of CEFC Shanghai International Group Limited, became a new shareholder in the group with a 5% share alongside hitherto owners Jozef Tkáč (47.5% share) and Ivan Jakabovič (47.5%).

The entry in the Commercial Register was the last official step tied to the entrance of the new investor into the group. The registered capital of J&T Finance Group SE totalled CZK 31 billion at the end of the first quarter.


About CEFC:

CEFC China Energy Company Limited is the biggest private company in Shanghai and the sixth biggest private enterprise in China. It is active chiefly in finance, energy and industry, where it is focuses on processing, storing, distributing and trading crude oil, agrochemical, petrochemical and natural gas products. CEFC is in the TOP 500 companies worldwide.


About J&T Finance Group SE:

J&T Group focuses on providing comprehensive services in private and retail banking, asset management for private clients and institutions, investment banking and project financing. It is developing its services chiefly in the markets of the Czech and Slovak Republics, Croatia and the Russian Federation. See www.jtfg.com for more information.


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